The father threw the little boy on the street to pull his wife


The relationship with the child or the wife was getting in the way!  So a young man threw him on the street.  Such an incredible incident came to light.  But in the end, things took a turn for the worse.  The young man got trapped in his own net.

 Saheb Chowdhury, 25, is originally from West Champaran district in Bihar.  He married Saroj, twenty-three years ago, six years ago.  They are currently working in a textile mill in Gujarat, Surat.  Mr. Saroj also has a five-year-old child named Prince.  But that child was the obstacle in the way of their 'relationship'.

 Saheb-Saroj lives in a small rented house in Sachin GIDC area of ​​Surat.  During this long lockdown, there was a problem of 'getting close' to the husband or wife.  So he left the five-year-old child at a bus stand and fled.  And to escape from the trouble of kidnapping drama traps.

Police named in the investigation.  Talked to the gentleman.  Investigators got some information from one of the neighbors.  From which they are skeptical.  Understand, this is not the way Mr. is trying to show the matter.  This time, after investigating various aspects of the incident, the police took the investigation forward.  Investigators rescued the child about 15 hours later.  And with that they also realized that the child was not abducted, he was left at the bus stand.  Investigators say the baby was "lost" and did not tell his mother at first.  This time the police is filing a case against him.  As a result, he has become entangled in his own net.


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