Hindu Chatra Sangha Distributes Copies of Assam Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1961 in Administrative Offices of Silchar


May 19, Thursday: On the commemoration day of the Bhasha Shohid Dibosh, the Hindu Chatra Sangha distributed copies of Assam Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1961 in various administrative offices of Silchar. Starting from Tarapur Police Outpost, followed by the Rangirkhari Police Outpost, Sadar Police Station and SP Office, Cachar, the organisation distributed a total of four memorandums in this 4 offices in order to commemorate the sacrifices of the 11 Language Martyrs of Barak Valley. 

The Assam Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1961 states that Bengali Language should be used for administrative and other Govt works in the region of Barak Valley. 

Subhasish Choudhury, Bappon Paul, Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee and Tonoy Banik were present in the said process on behalf of the organisation. 

Subhasish Choudhury said on the behalf of the organisation that, "Recently there has been incidents, on the backdrop of which, it was necessary to reinforce our commitment for the Assam Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1961 and thus Hindu Chatra Sangha came up with this idea for the commemoration day of 19th May by distributing copies of the Act in the major administrative offices of the town."


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