There is nothing to fear about the new strain of corona virus, the Malaysia Strain, according to researchers


New Delhi: Researchers say Indians are not worried about the new strain of corona virus, D614G, which has become known as the Malaysia Strain.  According to them, the D-614G will not be as dangerous as the corona virus that has spread from Wuhan, China.  This type of virus is nothing new.  Indians are familiar with it.

Upasana Roy, a scientist at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Kolkata, said, "We detected this type of corona virus in April this year.  It spread to different countries.  It may be new in Malaysia, but in fact it is nothing new.  There is nothing to fear about this. '

The D814G was found in the bodies of several people, including the owner of a restaurant in Malaysia from India.  Then panic spread.  Malaysia's director general of health claimed in a Facebook post that it was 10 times more contagious than corona.  However, he refused to obey.  According to him, although many types of viruses are contagious, they do not have the ability to harm the human body.


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